How can we work together to reduce global emissions by 1 billion tonnes of CO2e?

Who are the Green Helmets?

A new planetary force for averting dangerous climate change.

Teams of Green Helmets will be made up of diverse people drawn from diverse backgrounds, including people directly impacted by the challenge, with the financial resources and technical support to take action. 

We will bring together people from indigenous wisdom traditions, from engineering schools, from the financial sector, from government and from grassroots communities, both urban and rural.

We do not need these people to form more networks or communities of practice. We do not need people to simply gather at global conferences to profess their green credentials.

We need to form disciplined teams able to work at the pace needed to deliver real results.

The Green Helmets is an initiative of 10-in-10.

Why are we called the Green Helmets?

“Imagine for a moment tens of Green Helmets, then hundreds and then thousands. Imagine watching global emissions flatline and then decline as a direct impact of the number of Green Helmets in the world.”

How will the Green Helmets work?

Each cohort of Green Helmets will take responsibility for abating 1 megatonne (MT) of CO2e per year. The temporal target is as important as the CO2e target.

If we had 1,000 teams of Green Helmets hitting this target, we will be able to achieve actual gigatonne scale reductions.

However, there is a way of increasing the odds of success.

The more cohorts we create, the easier the task gets.

If we succeeded in creating 2,000 cohorts, the technical target per cohort drops to 0.5MT/CO2e per year. 3,000 cohorts mean the technical target drops to 0.33MT/CO2e per year and so on.

We need to create thousands of teams who have the resources, talent and reporting tools to undertake this work.

Our work is demonstrating practically how such teams are put together and how they will work.

We will be bringing together the first cohorts of Green Helmets to start work in India in 2020, focusing on energy efficiency.

These cohorts will work in 6-month cycles to practically implement efforts that will result in reducing CO2e.

They will be provided financial, technical and other practical support towards achieving reduction targets.

We invite you to join us. Take action.

It’s time to get real.
It’s time to be brave.
It’s time to act.

How can you get involved?

As we prepare to formally launch the Green Helmets we need your help. 

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